Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picturesque Bhivpuri~~~~

It was September  .. and  monsoon was at its peak.So we friends decided to go to Bhivpuri as it was full of greenery and huge waterfall.We took a morning train from goregaon station to churchgate. From there we took (Karjat return ,next station to Neral)train to bhivpuri. It took us around 2 hrs to reach.We reached at around 8 30 am. From the station you get autos to a certain point and then you have to start your most easy trek I must say.

We started walking and enjoyed the scenic beauty.It was very refreshing to see so much of greenery and purity of air far away from the polluted mumbai. We were walking towards the huge waterfall.It was so mesmerizing and stunning .There is also a entry fees after some distance of a nominal charge - Rs 5 , to keep the place clean. Interestingly you will find small tents where people are selling coldrink , chips and yes guys BEER too :).

After walking for 20 min we reached the first small waterfall .It was flowing with so much speed and was very chilled.After getting wet we were ready to grab some food that we had  brought.We ate bread butter cheese jam and so so much.It started to be humid as it was now 10 30 am and sun was pLaying hide and seek with us.

Still we had to reach below that huge waterfall.Again we started off with our journey.The thing that we were enjoying the most was the colors of green.After walking for sometime we reached he beautiful water fall which was falling from a height with great force.We sat there and some of my friends again went to get fully drenched in that chilled water. 

After enjoying the waterfall and scenic beauty we headed back to station .We did not find any autos there so we had to walk and were were really tired .It took us half an hour to reach the station.The area around Bhivpuri is a very remote village and very less crowd ! It was a small and sweet weekend  trip, we were back by 5 p.m @our house !!

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