Friday, November 15, 2013

Slice of Paradise ~~ Krabi Day 2

Day 2 ~~ Four Island Tour by Speed Boat (Lunch and Snorkeling included)

We had booked our Four island tour in advance but you have so many tour agents which you can book on day 1 after explore the Ao Nange beach area. We had booked from Koh Phi Phi tours - KohPhiPhiTour

We got up early morning as we had pick up from hotel at 8 30 am. As we don't want to starve ourself got ready by 8 am and directly to buffet breakfast. The breakfast spread at Aree Tara Resort was good.

The pick up from hotel was on time and we reached the jetty where we had to take our speed boat. In our speed boat we were around 12 people and started our comfortable ride with jolly tour guide:). The speed boat ride was stunning and very enjoyable , saw one of the most amazing views and blue water all around.

First Stop:- Railay Beach and Caves 

With limestone cliffs, caves, sandy beaches, and warm, crystal blue water, Railay Beach, Thailand is a place where a travelers dream is made.Rock climbing is one of the adventure activities done here.

Second Stop:- Poda Island

With every stop and with every island the views were stunning. This Island was one of the prettiest one..with layers of blue color water... white sandy beach .. stunning cliff...

Third Stop - Chicken Island and Snorkling time:)

Its named as Chicken island because the cliff looks like a chicken head. We did not go to the island and just saw that from our speed boat and directly jumped in the centre of sea for snorkeling which was just amazing to see beautiful fishes and corals.

4th Island - Tup Island

This was the last stop of our tour. This island is famous for - sand bar during low tide which divides it into two sections. Its one of the most beautiful island .. with lovely fishes and good spot for snorkeling.The island stunned us with its beauty !!

This was our last stop and by 3 we started back our journey to Ao Nang. This tour is highly recommended as they take you to one of the best and breathtaking islands.We will be taking with us so many memories with this tour.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slice Of Paradise ~~~ Krabi Day 1

It was long awaited trip to beautiful Krabi in month of Novemver 2013 (2nd nov - 7th Nov) . We had our flights from Mumbai to Bankok then to Krabi. We had three days and 2 nights in krabi.

First day(Ao Nang)  was free just a day to relax and explore Krabi. We had booked our resort- Aree Tara Resort  in Ao Nang near Ao Nang beach . Resort was just 10 min walk from the beach . Our check in time was 2 in the after noon  and we had reached by 11 30 am so had enough time.First thing we booked a scooty for just 200 Bhatt a day . And started exploring the beach are and unlimited shops and food joints. We bought a local Sim card from seven 11 (famous shop after every 10 shops ) which included 7 days 3G Internet free.

In the evening we went to Ao Nang beach , first look gave us an amazing feel...serene and a huge cliff .This beach was beautiful and water was warm perfect for swimming. The sand was really sticky like clay which i had never seen in any other beach. We sat on the beach and was enjoying the cool weather and scenic beauty.

After having a good swim , we saw one of the most stunning sun set @Ao Nang.
Later evening we started wandering the streets which were full of eating joins , cafes and shops for buying all stuff u need for beach holidays, Let me tel you there were amazing shops having beautiful decor items .I felt like buying each and everything . As were damn hungry we thought of having Authentic Thai food from the stalls on the streets.
Chicken in Red Curry with Rice.

Who said Krabi doesn't have night life . They have happening joints, live music + pool table.

 And how can I forget the foot message that we took for 200 Bhatt for one hour. It was a treat to our legs before going to sleep in our cosy room :).Off to sleep.

Highlights for Day 1 = Rent a Scooty + Ao Nang Beach + Authentic Thai Food from Local stall + Explore the shops

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Feel De Thrill !!

In September last weekend we decide to go for some adventure sports, so decided  for Kolad River rafting. This time we were 14 people so we hired a tempo traveler  Kolad is around 135 Kms from Mumbai. We started off our journey at 6 30 am and reached in about 5 hrs(had a short breakfast break at Mcdonalds) :(. Kolad is on Mumbai Goa highway.

The Kundalika river in Raigad district near Kolad is the only place in Maharashtra where you can do river rafting on a 12KM stretch. It depends on the schedule of water release from the upstream Bhira Dam.
Kundalika being a dam controlled river, rafting is done in the rapids which are generated by the water released from the dam in the morning. The total rafting distance is 12 kms., which takes approx. 3hrs

We have to book the rafting package before hand. We did it through 360degrees, you can find many agents when you search through Google. This one we found was the cheapest as we wanted only river rafting.They have packages where you can stay in tents overnight.

It was really very hot and humid that weekend. When we reached the rafting point , there were many more groups waiting for their chance. Let me tell you that at rafting point there is no washrooms, no shades to sit.It was very sunny that day and we reached the point and started looking for our life jackets and other life guards.We had to wait for 45 min in that scorching sun .

At last our turn came and we were divide into two rafts and our journey started. We had first some sessions by our guide regarding the instructions he will be giving to us .We all were exited as we started in our raft and the first splash of chilled water made us feel so refreshing as we were roasted in sun. There are around 3 to 4  rapids in which we have to really raft hard. After the rapids are over, a large distance of still water comes where we can swim easily, do body surfing and enjoy. But the river is very muddy and little dirty too.

It took us 2 and half hour to reach our destination point.After completing our rafting we were very hungry and directly ran towards the Hot vada pao's , which were really delicious. After eating and changing our clothes we started our journey back to Mumbai !!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picturesque Bhivpuri~~~~

It was September  .. and  monsoon was at its peak.So we friends decided to go to Bhivpuri as it was full of greenery and huge waterfall.We took a morning train from goregaon station to churchgate. From there we took (Karjat return ,next station to Neral)train to bhivpuri. It took us around 2 hrs to reach.We reached at around 8 30 am. From the station you get autos to a certain point and then you have to start your most easy trek I must say.

We started walking and enjoyed the scenic beauty.It was very refreshing to see so much of greenery and purity of air far away from the polluted mumbai. We were walking towards the huge waterfall.It was so mesmerizing and stunning .There is also a entry fees after some distance of a nominal charge - Rs 5 , to keep the place clean. Interestingly you will find small tents where people are selling coldrink , chips and yes guys BEER too :).

After walking for 20 min we reached the first small waterfall .It was flowing with so much speed and was very chilled.After getting wet we were ready to grab some food that we had  brought.We ate bread butter cheese jam and so so much.It started to be humid as it was now 10 30 am and sun was pLaying hide and seek with us.

Still we had to reach below that huge waterfall.Again we started off with our journey.The thing that we were enjoying the most was the colors of green.After walking for sometime we reached he beautiful water fall which was falling from a height with great force.We sat there and some of my friends again went to get fully drenched in that chilled water. 

After enjoying the waterfall and scenic beauty we headed back to station .We did not find any autos there so we had to walk and were were really tired .It took us half an hour to reach the station.The area around Bhivpuri is a very remote village and very less crowd ! It was a small and sweet weekend  trip, we were back by 5 p.m @our house !!

Serene Kashid & Murud Janjira !!

A Weekend Bliss !!

This weekend we thought of exploring Kashid Beach and Murud Janjira.We friends started off from Mumbai at 6 30 am in our car . Kashid is 160 Kms from Mumbai.Our journey started of with full of exictement :). When we crossed the pathetic roads of alibag and the real road journey started. .The roads were covered with trees and magnificient sea at one side and the other side with mountains.As we were going in 2nd week of october the weather was outstanding and drizzling which added cherry on the cake!!.

We reached at 12 30 noon @Kashid Beach. It was a white sand beach having small shacks , hammoucks and narial Paani.There were loads of water sports and horse riding too. We first decided to search for a buget hotel .Let me tell you after every 10 metres you will find a homestay or a hotel or a resort. At last we narrowed down to NASARG guesthouse which had clean basic rooms and was very near to beach.It was a non Ac room as most of the resorts dont have Ac backup .So it was better to take non ac rooms and also the weather in night drops down.

After the search of hotel was over we thought of first visiting the huge fort in Murud Janjira !!... Murud janjira is around 45 min from Kashid beach. We started again and travelling to murud janjira by road is very beautifull..its full of greenery and the whole coastal beach stretch makes it more beautiful.We could see the huge  fort which was between the water .This is an ideal place for photographers !!

Fort Janjira !    

  We reached the point where the ferry starts.We took a sharing ferry which cost us a nominal value of Rs 20 per person.We all were excited to go in a ferry.In 15 min we reached huge Fort.We also took a guide to understand about the fort.The guide charges Rs 300 per family and no bargaining :)It was a huge fort from inside but not very well maintained !!. It took us around 40 min to visit the fort .

Our Ferry !!
After visiting the fort we rused back as we had to do water sports which gets closed by 6 pm .So again started our journey to @Kashid Beach.When we reached Mini Goa the weather was beautiful as it was drizzling .. the sea waves had high tides and we all were all set for the water sports. They had banana ride, bumy ride, scooter and many more.Dont forget to bargain .... we enjoyed all the water sports @beach till 7:30 pm. But as it was dark there were no lights so after 8 pm we rushed back to guesthouse and were were damn hungry. Suddenly it started raining  heavily and the weather was cold .So then we had our room party as usual and were awake till 2 am.

Next day we checked out @ 6 30 am and reached Mumbai by 1 pm .......All refreshed and rejuvenated !!.We had one of the best trips in outskirts of Mumbai !!......Clean beach ..Water Sports... Beautiful Roads .. amazing scenic beauty made it all perfect !!. Must visit place !!